The B A team provides fully-supported analyses of economic losses and damages in a variety of lawsuits. We have computed economic losses in hundreds of cases involving lost profits, unrealized royalties, increased costs of business, value of the business, lost wages, lost employee (fringe) benefits, lost household services, present value of forecast medical care given in life care plans, present value of pension benefits, and other forms of economic damages. Whether attorneys engage us on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant, we are advocates of neither, but rather, objective contributors of information that will help the trier of fact understand the economic losses at issue. We compute economic losses based on generally accepted methodologies and factually appropriate economic data, then deliver our opinions in clearly written, carefully prepared reports that stand up to the scrutiny of opposing experts and in cross-examination.

The following examples serve as a sampling of our work as economic experts.

From $30,000 to $15,000,000…By thoroughly explaining his calculations in simplified terms, Dr. Boisso helped a jury understand a company's lost profits in a breach of contract lawsuit equaled $15,000,000 and not $30,000 as argued by the defendant’s economist. The losses were calculated by forecasting unrealized revenues from sales in North America as well as multiple countries in Europe and subtracting estimated incremental costs.

A $75,000,000 Production Deal…Dr. Boisso directed cross-specialization teams to create a sophisticated model of supply, demand, and political-economic factors affecting plaintiff-client's markets in thirty-five countries worldwide. The client used the results to cancel the lawsuit and negotiate a $75,000,000 production deal.

The $10,000,000 Model…Dr. Boisso developed a complex compensation payment model for a multi-level network marketing company that reliably mimicked the actual, but undisclosed, payment mechanism of defendant-company. Mediators adopted his method to calculate client-plaintiffs’ economic losses of $10,000,000 in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Profits after Ongoing Losses…Appearing before multiple city councils as well as a state regulatory agency, Dr. Boisso explained the benefits of rescinding price regulation of tow truck companies. He showed that greater competition would result in a more stable market with optimal utilization of inputs and competitive pressures on prices. The client currently reports sustained profitability after multiple years of losses under regulation.

A $16,500,000 Difference…Dr. Boisso testified as the defendants’ forensic economic expert in a $20,000,000 lawsuit involving lost earnings of an ophthalmologist. Dr. Boisso simplified advanced statistical and economic concepts into easily understood terms, and then illustrated incorrect application of the same by the plaintiff’s expert, which allowed the jury to conclude that the plaintiff’s loss was only $3,500,000. In closing arguments, the plaintiff’s attorney acknowledged the power of this testimony.

Making it Millions Instead of Billions…Dr. Boisso directed and supervised a team of analysts in an investigation of antitrust allegations against 15 Gulf of Mexico oil-drilling companies in a $5 billion lawsuit. Working for the insurers of defendant oil-drilling companies, his findings proved integral in pre-trial settlement for “pennies on the dollar.”

From Thousands of Potential Lawsuits to Two…Application of advanced statistical and empirical techniques conclusively demonstrated the invalidity of a price-fixing/antitrust judgment meted out in a prior lawsuit against a major U.S. bakery. The attorney for the client-bakery credited our analysis as a critical factor in reducing the number of potential “follow up” lawsuits from thousands to only two.

Calculations Conclude There’s a Case to be Made…Dr. Boisso created a simulated trading model for common stock of client-company to detect stock manipulation by key members of management. Statistical and econometric analysis led to rejecting the hypothesis of no manipulation, and was utilized to negotiate a pre-trial settlement of the lawsuit.