Boisso & Associates - Forensic Economists & Expert Witnesses - Dallas, TXWith more than 18 years of experience evaluating economic losses in litigation, BOISSO ASSOCIATES' Principal Economist, Dale E. Boisso, is a trusted professional who plaintiff and defense attorneys rely on as an expert witness. Dr. Boisso earned his Ph.D. in economics from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. As a graduate student, he specialized in applied economics, applied econometrics, public finance, and international trade. Since 1982, Dr. Boisso has taught many courses in economics and statistics at various universities across the country. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor of Economics at SMU.  Dr. Boisso delivers both theoretical economic knowledge and practical, hands-on learning experiences to undergraduate as well as graduate students. In conjunction with his work as a forensic economics expert, Dr. Boisso is a member of the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE) as well as the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts (AAEFE).  He is also a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Association for Business Economics (DABE) and is affiliated with the Center for Nonprofit Management in Dallas, Texas.

Expert Witness

In addition to the wealth of knowledge and professional credentials Dr. Boisso offers as an expert witness, B A is comprised of consultants with CPA certifications, MBA degrees, and Bachelors’ degrees in accounting, finance, and international business. Some of our Associates have earned accreditations as Certified Fraud Examiner, Accredited Valuation Analyst, and Certified Compensation Professional.  Clients can be assured every member of the B A team is seasoned in evaluating economic losses in matters of litigation.

Professional Service

BOISSO ASSOCIATES experiences repeat business from attorney clients, a testament to the level of professional services our team of forensic analysts provides. We specialize in valuing economic losses/damages arising from personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful employment termination, discrimination, business interruption, commercial and business disputes, and intellectual property infringement. If you are in need of a forensic economic consulting firm, we look forward to working with you.

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