Boisso & Associates - Forensic Economists & Expert Witnesses - Dallas, TXWe understand that our work as forensic economists does not always simply begin and end with carefully calculated numbers; real people and lives are impacted by our expert opinions. We understand that our consulting services and expert witness testimony can potentially affect husbands and wives, sons and daughters, business owners and shareholders, cities and counties, and so many more. We take our jobs very seriously. Whether attorneys engage us for plaintiff or defense services, we are advocates of neither, but rather, objective contributors of information that will help the trier of fact understand the economic losses at issue. We compute economic losses based on generally accepted methodologies and factually appropriate economic data, then deliver our opinions in clearly written, carefully prepared reports that stand up to the scrutiny of opposing experts and in cross-examination. In addition to being skilled economists, we offer the sometimes underestimated ability to explain difficult economic concepts in simple, concise, ordinary English that is easily understood by juries and all relevant parties in the litigation process.

Clients have called on BOISSO ASSOCIATES in hundreds of cases involving personal injury, wrongful employment termination, commercial/business litigation, intellectual property infringementbusiness valuation, and business interruption  We have worked for plaintiffs and defendants modelling economic losses. We can also provide analysis of opposing experts’ opinions, an alternate opinion of economic damages, and services in the courtroom. We invite you to consider how our expertise and variety of services may meet your needs in an upcoming case.


Personal Injury and Wrongful Employment Termination
BOISSO ASSOCIATES evaluates economic losses resulting from personal injury, wrongful death, and wrongful employment termination. We have prepared such analyses for a wide variety of job descriptions, applying case-appropriate data and methodologies. Also, where appropriate, we analyze the value of lost household services, pension benefits, and the present value of forecast medical expenses contained in life care plans.

Commercial / Business Litigation
BOISSO ASSOCIATES has substantial experience in preparation of, and defense against, lost profits claims in contractual and tort litigation. We prepare detailed lost revenue and avoided costs models utilizing client's data, market information, statistical inquiry, and forecasting techniques. As applicable, we account for relevant factors that impact revenues and costs, such as capacity constraints, mitigation of damages, or newly established businesses.

Intellectual Property Infringement
BOISSO ASSOCIATES' experience in patent and copyright infringement cases includes evaluation of the Georgia Pacific factors, determination of reasonable royalty rates, calculation of lost revenues and avoided costs, estimation of increased costs of business, and analysis of price erosion. We have provided such analyses in a variety of industries.

Business Valuation
BOISSO ASSOCIATES utilizes generally accepted methods and data sources to determine the value of a business.  We carefully address critical issues particular to valuation analyses, for example: using appropriate valuation approaches – income, assets, and market; forecasting cash flows; deriving the appropriate discount rate, including accounting for minority interests or lack of marketability.

Business Interruption
BOISSO ASSOCIATES is experienced in the analysis and preparation of business interruption and property loss claims. We evaluate any potential loss of revenue as well as identify additional expenses necessary to mitigate losses. We also assist in determining the appropriate value of any inventory or other personal property lost or damaged. Our industry experience is broad and includes, for example, lodging, retail, restaurants, healthcare, various product manufacturing, and commercial leasing.

Analysis of Other Experts’ Opinions
BOISSO ASSOCIATES will review the reasonableness of underlying assumptions, appropriateness of methods used, reliability of data used, and accuracy of calculations in opposing experts’ reports. We will then help our client understand the basis for the opposing experts’ opinions, how mathematical results are derived, and how alternate assumptions impact the conclusions and opinions proffered by opposing experts.

Alternate Opinion of Economic Damages
If we discover critical errors or problems in an opposing expert’s report, we can provide a rebuttal report describing our findings. We can also provide an alternate computation of economic damages based on appropriate methods, data and assumptions.

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